Green Tips

As hosepipe bans regularly take hold across the UK, it has been suggested that future homes should be designed to allow people to re-use “grey water" from baths and showers to flush the toilet or water the garden.

Now, for some of us, this might seem like a bit of a stretch but, for others, this is just scratching the surface of the things we can do to be greener at home.

Tetra Pak® and Do The Green Thing have asked Brits to share the things that they do to go the extra mile and live a greener life, with some interesting and sometimes unusual results!

For those looking for some inspiration this summer, here are some of the top ideas we thought worth sharing:

  1. Cooking fish in tin foil using the heat from a car engine
  2. Using the water you've cooked with - e.g. pasta - to water your plants
  3. Brewing your own beer
  4. Reusing the milk you cook with to make a cup of tea
  5. Using household items like beer, egg, vinegar rather than shampoo
  6. Dressing in the dark to save electricity
  7. Showering with a friend!
  8. Cleaning your house with vinegar
  9. Using free colourful newspapers and magazines as wrapping paper
  10. Upcycle rubbish and unwanted items into presents

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Weird & wonderful green living tips gathered by Tetra Pak and @dothegreenthing.

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